Stable Trading Limited ships products within Hong Kong, including Ma Wan Are & Discovery Bay but excluding other outlying islands.

Daily delivery times range from 9am - 6pm. We do not accomodate specific time delivery as it is dependent on the schedule of the current day. Please do not request for your order to be delivered at a certain time as we will not be able to guarantee it.

Please refer below to our order / delivery schedule. ( From Mon-Sat Only)


Delivery Schedule 

(For weekly imported fresh vegetables or chilled seafood, please take into account remarks below) 

Minimum Order Per Delivery  Transportation Charge Below MOQ
HK Island

Next Working Day

Old Peak Road 

HKD 350

HKD 1500

HKD 50

HKD 150

Kowloon Next Working Day HKD 500 HKD 100
NT- Clearwater Bay, Tsueng Kwan O Every Tuesday & Thursday HKD 1500 HKD 200
NT- Ma Wan Discover Bay, Tung Chung Every Wednesday HKD 1500 HKD 200


  • Cut-off time for all orders is 5pm ( Mon-Fri ) and 1pm ( Sat ) . Orders made after 5pm will be considered as being received on the following working day. If place an Order on Sat after cut off time, would be considered deliver on next Tuesday.
  • Orders may be placed through our website only.
  • Fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs & chilled seafood are imported fresh weekly. We keep these items in stock every weekly until finished limited qty.
  • Chilled Fish : Deadline is Wednesday 5pm for delivery the following week either on Tuesday or Wednesday taking into account your delivery location. Please call us if you are uncertain on the delivery days & availability of a particular product.
  • As per new policy of company the order would be added $100 only for order of Fresh Vegetable and Fruit.
    For example, customer order zucchini, Tomato or etc, like as big size of Fruit and vegetable we cannot cut it in the middle of peace and always happened need to charge small amount more.
    Due to this reason, website will ask automatically $100 to 1 time order for Vegetable and Fruit.
    However, if the weight is not overweight, the amount will refund automatically.
  • Delivery days are subject to change for New Territories area as we may be able to deliver on different days or more than once during that week if we are already going to your area.
  • If you wish to have deliveries on a specificized schedule, call us to let us know or include it as a remark in your order. We will then confirm to you if it is possible to deliver on requested date and time.
  • No delivery service will be provided on Sundays, public holidays, a day with Typhoon signal 8 or above. (If the typhoon signal subsides before noon, contact us to check whether delivery will still be processed for that day)
  • Regarding add items; it can only be done by 'add via Whatsapp or email by 7am next business day' and 'sufficient pre-authorization amount required for first order'. or Please create new order via Website and NOTE with first order Number. then even the website charge you delivery charges however we will deliver together and different amount will refund automatically.


  • All orders must be settled during the checkout period whilst placing the order on our website. Payment in advance is required.
  • We accept only online payment by Visa & MasterCard. Whilst paying with a credit card, please enter the card number without spaces or dashes. For prices that are determined by the weight of products, we will hold your card through a pre-authorisation method that will reserve funds from your credit card account without being charged in the initial placement of the order. The actual cost of your purchase will be charged & ammended to your account and shown on the invoice and statement when your order is delivered.
  • Stable Trading Limited reserves the right to take back all the goods if the payment issues occur or is not available before delivery.


We take pride in offering our customers top quality items. If you are dissatisfied with any purchase made at our online mercato, replace it with a product of same value after verification.
  • Please call the hotline at 25549528  or email us at within 24 hours of the delivery date.
  • Method of replacement: 
    • Exchange the item for another item of the same value.
    • We do not do refunds, only exchange.
  • Stable Trading Limited reserves the right to refuse returns/ exchanges at our discretion, depending on the situation. We strongly recommend that customers call us to resolve any issues or concerns you may have before placing an order.